Submission Form

    Submission Form

    How to Submit a Sample to the UPPDL

    NOTICE: COVID-19 & Sample Submission

    Please note that during this time the UPPDL's services may be affected by restrictions due to COVID-19. To ensure that we can accommodate your request for pest- or plant-diagnostic services we are asking that you contact us prior to submitting ANY sample.

    Please send an email to prior to submitting a sample detailing what the pest or plant issue is, background information regarding the issue and pictures of the insect or plant problem. If a physical sample must be submitted we will work with you to accommodate the submission.

    At this time, no walk-in samples will be accepted until further notice.

    Thank you for your patience. 



    Due to construction, our lab has moved from the Biology and Natural Resources Building (BNR) (RM 203) to the Life Sciences Building (LSB). The UPPDL is no longer accessible to the general public due to security features of the building. If you'd like to personally deliver a sample to the UPPDL, samples can be placed in the Life Sciences Building "Copy Room" (room 351) on the south side of the third floor. In the copy room, place samples on the counter space on the south side of the room next to the "Plant Pest Clinic" sign. While we will check this area daily for samples, please let us know that you have submitted a sample by sending an email to The office will be available for sample drop-off between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm every day, excluding holidays. Please include a sample submission form and payment with all submitted samples. Our lab should return to its original location (BNR 203) in October 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


    Please note that if you are mailing a sample, that the UPPDL address has not changed.


    The fee structure for mail and walk-in samples is stated below. Please note that turfgrass samples fall under the "basic services" category; the UPPDL does not culture for turfgrass fungal diseases. 

    • $10.00
      • Basic services (visual/microscopic examination, pest ID & management).
      • This includes, but is not limited to, all turf grass samples (the UPPDL does not culture turf diseases) and arthropod (insect, spider, mite, etc.) identifications. 
      • Most samples submitted fall under "basic services". 
    • $15.00*
      • Basic services + disease culturing.
    • $30.00*
      • Basic services + DNA/virus testing

    Cash or check only; we do not accept credit cards. Make checks payable to the "UPPDL".


    *Before submitting a sample for disease culturing ($15) or DNA/Virus testing ($30):

    Contact our lab (435-797-2435 or or visit your local county Extension office to discuss the sample/issue. We do not test for all diseases so your sample should be pre-screened.

    If you submit a sample for disease culturing, DNA or virus testing without contacting the lab prior to submission and we cannot perform the desired test, we will conduct the "basic services" listed above.

    No refund for overpayment of testing services will be given.

    List of What the UPPDL Does Not Test For: 

    Human pathogens or parasites
    - We do not accept samples containing human skin, secretions, blood, etc. 
    - For these types of diagnostics please see your medical care provider. 
    - We do accept samples of ticks, bed bugs, fleas, bird mites, etc. collected from
       the home or structure that are submitted in a vial containing ethanol or rubbing alcohol.

    Food pathogens

    Verticillium for alfalfa export certification

    Verticillium (with excpetions; please call prior to submitting)

    Dutch Elm Disease

    Bacterial leaf scorch


    Fungi or pathogens in soil (we only test plant tissues, not soil)


    Soil dwelling nematodes (we do test for plant-pathogenic nematodes)

    Plant or soil nutrients (contact the for nutrient testing)


    If we can not perform the desired testing, please contact one of the following labs for further assistance: 

    General Instructions for Submitting a Sample:

    Complete the submission form (pdf format) and include with your sample. Additional information can be added to the back of the form; please indicate on the front of the form if you have written on the back. 

    Provide images via email, or printed and included with your sample.

    • Type of images:
      • Include a range of perspectives of the plant, turf area or damage, from close-up to over-all pictures of the yard or area of interest.
      • We are interested in seeing the damage but equally interested in the surroundings (overall environment) of the plant and property, etc.
      • Close-ups of dead grass or dead branches/leaves do not typically help with diagnosis. 

    Email images to

    Instructions for Submitting an Arthropod Sample

    Instructions for Submitting a Plant Disease Sample

    Sample Submission Form

    Mail Samples To:

    Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab
    5305 Old Main Hill
    Logan, UT 84322

    Sensitive plant tissues or living organisms should be shipped via expedited mail service (e.g. overnight or 1- to 2-day shipping), especially during hot summer months when samples can be destroyed by prolonged delivery.

    Walk-In Samples:


    Our lab has moved, please see instructions above.  

    How Long do I Have to Wait for a Diagnosis?

    Normally, you will receive a response within 2 weeks of submitting your sample depending on the types of tests needed. Expect longer for plant pathology submissions.