Arthropod Samples in January 2013

    Arthropod Samples in January 2013

    Stink Bug (Pentatomidae)

    Scientific Name: Holcostethus sp.

    stink bug

    Photo(s): Adult Holcostethus sp, Jared Kunz, Utah State University.

    Type: Plant pest

    Situation: In garden

    County: Carbon

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Newsletter; Utah State University; University of California IPM

    Delusions of Infestation

    Scientific Name: N/A

    delusitory parasitosis

    delusitory parasitosis

    delusitory parasitosis

    Photo(s): Typical sample submitted by DI sufferer, Ryan Davis, Utah State University; Samuel Abbott, Utah State University.

    Type: Medical. Perceived pest bites and infection when none are present.

    Situation: In Home

    County: SLC

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Extension

    Seed Bug (Lygaeidae)

    Scientific Name: Xyonysius sp.

    seed bug

    Photo(s): Joel Smith USU

    Type:plant pest- feeds on seeds, dry fruit, and other plant juices

    Situation: Found on Field (pepper cucurbits)

    County: Grand

    Fact Sheets:University of Kentucky

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