Hobo Spider

    Hobo Spider


    How can I tell if the spider I found is a hobo spider?


    Exact identification of the hobo spider often requires examination under a microscope. When observed with the naked eye, even those familiar with this spider can be fooled by other species that resemble it. In general, hobo spiders have a tan to brown thorax and legs and a grayish abdomen. The abdomen often has a "chevron" pattern (like sergeant's stripes) of yellow markings, though this is usually most noticeable in immatures.

    There are several ways to tell if a given spider is NOT a hobo spider:

    • The spider has dark bands (like multiple arm bands) around its legs.
    • The spider has distinct black markings on the thorax or abdomen.
    • The spider is larger than a fifty-cent piece (including the legs).

    Additional information and images of the hobo spider are found in the:

    Posted on 14 Sep 2006
    Alan Roe