I have 1/8 inch long, tiny beetle looking bugs in all of my light fixtures. Do you know what they might be and how I would get rid of them?


    Many night-flying insects are attracted to lights. I suspect that the insects are entering your light fixtures at night when you have the lights on. General recommendations to reduce the number of flying insects inside your home are to exclude them from entering your home through ensuring that your window and door screens are in good condition, sealing cracks and crevices through which insects can enter, and taking other steps such as making sure that doors aren't left open.

    I am unable to give you an identification for the insect in your lights because there are too many possibilities that would fit your general description. If you believe that the insect is originating from within your home then you need to determine the source. You can then take steps to eliminate or exclude the source.

    If you would like to submit an insect sample for identification, you may do so. There is a $5 charge. Mail the specimens to:

    Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab
    5305 Old Main Hill
    Utah State University
    Logan, UT 84322

    Posted on 19 Jun 2007
    Diane Alston