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    Norway Rat

    Rattus norvegicus

    Norway rat

    Norway rat (National Park Service, Wikimedia Commons)

    norway rat

    Norway rat (Tomas Cekanavicius, Wikimedia Commons)

    Norway rat

    Norway rat (David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons)


    • average length is 16 inches
    • gray to reddish brown; typically grayish brown

    Nesting Habits

    • nest in burrows in the ground
    • like low-growing vegetation, rock piles, etc.
    • very common under concrete slabs


    • highly varied: any food product, trash, carrion, etc.


    • can transmit disease; human health concern
    • ruin stored food products
    • nuisance in and around buildings

    IPM Recommendations

    • Install tight-fitting door sweeps.
    • Seal exterior cracks, crevices and areas around pipes and electrical that enter buildings through walls.
    • Reduce clutter indoors and outdoors.
    • Remove weeds and low-growing ornamentals/covers.
    • Move dumpsters at least 50 feet from buildings.
    • Keep all exterior doors closed.
    • Store food in pest-proof containers.
    • Use snap-traps placed with triggers toward the baseboards, especially in dark corners and behind objects, in drop ceilings, and areas with droppings, etc.
    • Use multiple baits: peanut butter, meat, candy, etc.
    • When trapping, put traps out with bait, but do not set the triggers. Desensitize the rats for a week before setting the triggers.
    • Train kitchen and custodial staff to clean thoroughly.

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