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    Masked Hunter

    Reduvius personatus

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    Masked Hunter

    Adult masked hunter (Joseph Berger,

    masked hunter

    Camouflaged masked hunter nymph covered in debris (Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

    Masked Hunter

    Masked hunter eggs (Joseph Berger,


    • 9/10 inch long
    • dark brown to black
    • slender body
    • immatures camouflage by covering themselves in dirt and debris

    Nesting Habits

    • garages, dirty closets, boiler rooms and other dirty, dusty areas
    • occasionally enter bedrooms


    • other arthropods


    • occasionally found indoors and may bite, even if unprovoked
    • considered a beneficial predatory insect
    • does NOT transmit Chagas disease

    IPM Recommendations

    • Use door sweeps on all doors leading outside or into a garage or storage area.
    • Eliminate other insects that serve as a food source.
    • Vacuum regularly.
    • Change exterior lighting to sodium vapor light bulbs.