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    House cricket (Clemson University,

    Field Cricket

    Field cricket (Joseph Berger,

    Snowy Cricket

    Snowy tree cricket (Joseph Berger,


    • 1/2 - 1 1/8 inches long
    • light brown to black, sometimes green
    • long threadlike antennae that are longer than their body
    • long “stingerlike” appendage coming out the rear of their body (females)
    • make a chirping noise

    Nesting Habits

    • overwinter as eggs in soil
    • found in moist areas such as mulch beds, woodpiles, weeds, stone piles, etc.


    • agricultural grain crops and vegetables
    • fabrics, synthetics or leather and fur, especially when soiled with human perspiration


    • can cause damage to fabrics
    • typically a minor nuisance pest in or around buildings

    IPM Recommendations

    • Find and eliminate harborage outdoors such as weedy ornamental beds, wood piles, rock piles and moist, secluded areas.
    • Seal cracks around the outside foundation wall.
    • Install tight-fitting door sweeps at the base of all exterior doors.
    • Vacuum crickets that enter buildings.