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    Crane Flies


    Crane Fly

    Crane fly (Jessica Louque, Smithers Viscient,

    Crane Fly

    Crane fly (Joseph Berger,

    Close Up Crane Fly

    Close-up of a crane fly (Dani Barchana,


    • resemble very large mosquitoes
    • thin, elongate body and extremely long legs
    • do not have biting mouthparts

    Nesting Habits

    • breed in moist areas with abundant vegetation
    • some breed in turfgrass


    • larvae feed on roots, grasses and other organic matter


    • occasionally enter buildings when a door or window is left open
    • cannot survive indoors for long

    IPM Recommendations

    • Control is typically not necessary.
    • Install properly-fitting screens on all windows. 
    • Keep doors and windows closed or open with properly fitted screens.

    Additional Resources

    IPM for Flies: Integrated Pest Management in Sensitive Environments (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension)