Citizen Science Delivers “Unprecedented View” of Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids

    Citizen Science Delivers “Unprecedented View” of Monarch Butterfly Parasitoids

    monarch caterpillarVolunteers helping the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project have made extensive research in the study of monarch butterflies, and the environmental effects that are decreasing their populations. A lot of the drop in their numbers is due to habitat loss, specifically the milkweed.

    A different, yet significant discovery, has also been identified. Several species of parasitoid flies have been injecting their eggs into the larvae of monarch butterflies. 

    Because so many museums and conservatories participated in furthering the study of larval-monarch ecology, this discovery was made possible. Now, the leaders of the project will be able to hone in on formulating pesticides for the species of flies responsible for the drop in monarchs, as well as other butterfly and moth species. Find the full story on Entomology Today

    Published on: Jul 10, 2017

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