Tumbling Bee Populations Linked to Fungicides

    Tumbling Bee Populations Linked to Fungicides

    honeybee on a flowerChlorothalonil, a general-use fungicide often found in bumblebee and honeybee hives--may negatively affect bee health.

    While fungicides control plant pathogens in crops, the bees pick up their residue when foraging for pollen and nectar. As farms use both insecticides and fungicides, the scientists worry. Most fungicides are relatively nontoxic to bees, many are known to interact synergistically with insecticides, greatly increasing their toxicity to the bees.

    Chlorothalonil has been linked to stunted colony growth in bumblebees and an increased vulnerability to Nosema, a fatal gut infection in bumblebees and honeybees. Read more about this story at Science Daily

    Published on: Nov 22, 2017

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