Field Bindweed

    Convolvulus arvensis

    Field Bindweed

    Field bindweed growth habit (Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,

    Field Bindweed

    Field bindweed leaves (Robert Videki,

    Field Bindweed

    Field bindweed flowers (Phil Westra, Colorado State University,


    • climbing or creeping vine with long twirling stems that can exceed 3 feet in length
    • arrow-shaped leaves alternately arranged on stem; plants also produce extensive network of rhizomes (underground stems)
    • white to pink funnel-shaped flowers (1 inch in diameter)


    • climbing up or matting on adjacent plants or structures in lawn areas, planting beds or support structures such as fences

    Life Cycle

    • non-woody perennial vine with seedling germination from early spring to late fall
    • peak growth rate occurs when temperatures reach 57°F; aboveground shoots die back to ground in fall
    • flowers last for 1 day and produce seed that can remain viable for up to 60 years

    IPM Recommendations

    • Effective control must target both aboveground and underground plant structures.
    • Frequently hand-pull aboveground structures prior to seed maturation to prevent re-seeding; mechanical removal of aboveground foliage will not kill underground plant parts.
    • Spot treat foliage with appropriate post-emergent systemic herbicide when plants are actively growing. More than one herbicide application may be necessary to kill all spreading structures.