Taraxacum officinale


    Dandelion growth habit (Howard F. Schwartz, Colorado State University,


    Dandelion leaves (Lynn Sosnoskie, University of Georgia,


    Dandelion seeds (Chris Evans, University of Illinois,



    • low-growing plant with deep taproot
    • leaves are long (2 – 12 inches) and a quarter as wide and radiate away from a central point; leaf margins are lobed and wavy
    • flower stalks are hollow and bear a flower head with yellow petals; flowers mature to produce a delicate, globe-shaped seed head comprised of many seeds
    • each brown, oblong seed is attached to a tuft of white fluff


    • commonly grows in lawn areas and planting beds

    Life Cycle

    • perennial with seedling germination throughout growing season
    • flower production begins in mid-spring and continues throughout the growing season, although peak flowering occurs at temperatures between 60-70°F
    • seed heads develop within 2 weeks of flowering and seeds are immediately viable
    • new plants grow from taproot sections as short as 1 inch

    IPM Recommendations

    • Effective control must target both aboveground and underground plant structures.
    • Hand-pull plants in planting beds prior to seed maturation and manually remove underground structures to prevent re-sprouting.
    • Apply a mulch layer 3 inches deep on planting beds to reduce seed germination.
    • Apply an appropriate post-emergent herbicide directly to target weeds.