Common Lambsquarters

    Chenopodium album


    Common lambsquarters (Robert Videki,


    Common lambsquarters leaves (Robert Videki,


    Common lambsquarters flowers (Mary Ellen Harte,



    • upright, upward branching plant growing 4 inches – 6 feet tall
      leaf shape varies from coarsely toothed with shallow lobes (lower leaves) to
    • narrow and linear shaped (upper leaves)
    • inconspicuous small clumps of flowers
    • can produce up to 72,000 seeds per plant


    • landscape, lawn, cropland and open spaces

    Life Cycle

    • annual; germinates in late spring
    • produces flowers and seed in late summer and fall
    • seeds can remain viable for over 20 years

    IPM Recommendations

    • Hand-pull plants in planting beds prior to seed maturation.
    • Maintain healthy, competitive desirable vegetation.
    • Seed populations can be reduced by soil solarization.
    • Apply an appropriate pre-emergent herbicide prior to seed germination or an appropriate post-emergent herbicide directly to target weeds.