Annual Kochia

    Kochia scoparia

    Annual Kochia

    Annual kochia growth habit (Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut,

    Annual Kochia

    Annual kochia flowers (Pedro Tenorio Lezama,

    Annual Kochia

    Annual kochia seedling (Bruce Ackley, The Ohio State University,


    • upright growth between 1 and 6 feet high with pyramidal shape to plant at maturity
    • branched stems are green to red in color and sometimes striped
    • small, linear-shaped leaves are alternately arranged on stems; leaf blades are pointed at tips and have three to five highly visible veins
    • annual kochia foliage turns reddish brown in autumn and detaches from the root forming a tumbleweed


    • commonly grows in planting beds

    Life Cycle

    • summer annual that germinates when temperatures reach and exceed 40°F; germination occurs throughout the growing season
    • seedlings first appear in early spring and plants mature by mid-summer
    • flower and seed production occur from mid-summer to fall frost

    IPM Recommendations

    • Hand-pull plants in planting beds prior to seed maturation.
    • Shallow tillage or hoeing will control young plants in planting beds.
    • Apply a mulch layer 3 inches deep on planting beds to reduce seed germination.
    • Apply an appropriate post-emergent herbicide directly to target weeds.