Brown Garden Snail

    Brown Garden Snail

    Cornu aspersum


    Adult garden snail (Joseph Berger,

    snail eggs

    Garden snail eggs (Chai, Wikimedia Commons)


    Overwintering garden snails (Roger Griffith, Wikimedia Commons)

    Pest Description

    • ~1 1/3 inches long; whorled brown shell with orangish, tan and black markings
    • immatures are smaller versions of the adults
    • eggs are round, pearly white and laid in the soil

    Host Plants, Diet & Damage

    • many; boxwood, rose, hibiscus, and peach commonly damaged
      primarily chew on the foliage of host plants
    • may cause minor damage to twigs and branches

    Biology, Life Cycle & Damaging Life Stage

    • overwinter within shell around plantings
    • become active in the spring, mate and lay eggs
    • snails take 2 to 3 years to reach maturity
    • mostly active at night
    • immatures and adults are damaging

    IPM Recommendations

    • Control is difficult; manage numbers below threshold.
    • Minimize soil moisture; increase time between watering.
    • Choose resistant plants.
    • Eliminate habitat that promotes protection and moisture.
    • Handpick snails from vegetation.
    • Use barriers such as copper strips.
    • Use baited and unbaited traps to catch and remove or kill snails.
    • Apply snail baits (iron phosphate; metaldehyde; sodium ferric EDTA; sulfur).

    For more information, see our Controlling Slugs and Snails in Utah fact sheet.