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    Fruit Resources

    Insects and Diseasesapple maggots

    Identify your insect or disease problem, learn its biology, and discover management options. 

    Intermountainfruit.orgintermountain fruit logo

    This website provides complete production and pest management information for growing fruit commercially in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.


    Commercial Tree Fruit Production Guide2015 intermountain tree fruit guide

    The Intermountain Commercial Tree Fruit Production guide contains pest management methods, IPM and monitoring tips, and recommendations for commercial fruit production in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. 

    Backyard Fruit Production Guidehome orchard book cover 2012

    The Utah Home Orchard Pest Management guide outlines tried and true pest management practices for common fruit trees found in many backyards of Utah.



    Invasive Fruit Guideinvasive fruit guide cover

    The Invasive Fruit Pest Guide for Utah identification, monitoring, and management tips for emerging pest issues, including spotted wing drosophila, brown marmorated stink bug, brown rot, and more.


    Fruit Research Reportssunburned peach

    These reports highlight tree fruit research in pest management from the USU Extension IPM team.



    Insect Biofixesapricot with insects

    Look up historic biofix dates for codling moth, peach twig borer, and greater peachtree borer.  Dates can be found for over 20 cities in Utah, dating back to 2012 for Greater Peachtree Borer and to 2014 for Codling Moth and Peach Twig Borer.

    Utah TRAPsUtah TRAPs logo

    Utah TRAPs (Temperature Resource and Alerts for Pests) is a degree day calculator from the Utah Climate Center. Utah TRAPs can predict treatment timing for codling moth, peach twig borer, western cherry fruit fly, greater peach tree borer, San Jose scale, and fire blight.

    Sustainable Orchard Management SystemSustainable orchard management systems book cover

    The Sustainable Orchard Management System for Intermountain Orchards is a resource guide that describes the importance of integrated pest management in orchards, and why it is helpful.