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    Contact Us

    The UTAH PESTS Extension specialists, staff, and diagnosticians are located in the Department of Biology, Life Sciences Building, at:

    Utah State University
    5305 Old Main Hill
    Logan, UT 84322-5305
    (435) 797-2435


    Ryan Davis
    Arthropod Diagnostician and School IPM Associate
    (435) 797-2435 

    Ryan Davis is the Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory's arthropod diagnostician. He identifies arthropod pests of indoor and outdoor environments and provides Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans to clients. Ryan currently runs the School IPM program for the state of Utah. 

    Claudia Nischwitz
    Plant Pathology Specialist
    (435) 797-7569

    Dr. Claudia Nischwitz is interested in developing management strategies for important diseases in Utah and improved detection and identification methods for pathogens. More information.

    Marion Murray
    IPM Project Leader
    (435) 797-0776

    Marion Murray coordinates the Utah IPM Program with Diane Alston. She runs the IPM pest advisory system for the State, serving the tree fruit industry, green industry, and small fruits and vegetables. Her current research and Extension interests include diseases of tree fruits and improving adoption of IPM in tree fruits and the green industry. More information.

    Ricardo Ramirez 
    Entomology Specialist
    (435) 797-8088

    Dr. Ricardo Ramirez works on a variety of agricultural and urban systems important to Utah, including alfalfa and turf. He serves as the Utah State University supervisor for the Utah Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program, which monitors invasive pests entering the state. His specialty is IPM in field crops, and his research interests include biological and cultural control of arthropod pests. More information.

    Lori Spears
    USU CAPS Coordinator
    (801) 668-4056

    Dr. Lori Spears is the Utah State University coordinator of the Utah Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) program, which conducts state-wide surveys for non-native pests. More information.

    Nick Volesky Nick Volesky
    Vegetable IPM Associate
    (435) 797-0319

    Nick Volesky conducts outreach activities for the Utah Vegetable Integrated Pest Management Program.  These activities include seasonal pest monitoring, seasonal pest advisories, editing publications and fact sheets, developing web content, and designing outreach products.


    Diane Alston
    Entomology Specialist and Department Head, Biology
    (435) 797-2516

    Dr. Diane Alston works on a variety of commodities important to Utah, including tree fruits and onions. She serves as IPM Coordinator for the state of Utah. Her specialty is IPM in tree fruits, and her research interests include improving trapping methods for western cherry fruit fly and codling moth, suppression of fruit tree pests including cherry fruit fly and minor pests, biological control of plum curculio, and monitoring and management of onion thrips. More information.