Arthropod Samples in September 2013

    Arthropod Samples in September 2013

    Ground Spider (Gnaphosidae)

    Scientific Name: Drassodes sp.

    ground spider

    ground spider

    Photo(s): Joseph Berger,

    Type: beneficial

    Host: In home

    County: Uintah

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Extension

    Cedar tree Borer (Cerambycidae)

    Scientific Name: Semanotus sp.

    cedar tree borer

    cedar tree borer

    cedar tree borer

    Photo(s): Randy Cyr, Greentree,; Samuel Abbott, Utah State University; Gerald Lenhard, Louisiana State University,; Bob Oakes, USDA Forest Service,

    Type: Wood boring tree pest

    Situation: In firewood

    County: Nevada

    Fact Sheets: Colorado State University

    Stink Bug (Pentatomidae)

    Scientific Name: Holcostethus sp.

    stink bug

    Photo(s): Adult Holcostethus sp, Jared Kunz, Utah State University.

    Type: Plant pest

    Situation: In garden

    County: Carbon

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Newsletter; Utah State University; University of California IPM

    Dusky Sap Beetle (Nitidulidae)

    Scientific Name: Carpophilus lugubris

    dusky sap beetle

    dusky sap beetle

    Photo(s): Dusky sap beetle feeding on corn, Keith Weller, USDA Agricultural Research Service,; Dusky sap beetle adult, Jared Kunz, Utah State University.

    Type: Forage and field, landscape ornamentals

    Situation: Apricot tree

    County: Kane

    Fact Sheets: North Carolina State University; Utah State University Extension

    Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (Ixodidae)

    Scientific Name: Dermacentor andersoni

    dog tick

    dog tick

    Photo(s): Samuel Abbott, Utah State University

    Type: Feeds on humans, dogs, other mammals

    Situation: Found on dog in Uintas

    County: Salt Lake

    Fact Sheets: Colorado State University Extension

    Rice Weevil (Curculionidae)

    Scientific Name: Sitophilus oryzae

    rice weevil

    Photo(s): Joseph Berger,

    Type: Plant pest

    Situation: Stored Product

    County: Davis

    Fact Sheets:Colorado State University

    Flathead Woodborer (Buprestidae)

    Scientific Name: na



    Photo(s): Immature borer, James Solomon, USDA Forest Service; (Bottom) Mature borer, Joseph Berger,

    Type: Ornamental and Fruit Tree Pest

    Situation: Italian Cypress

    County: Washington

    Fact Sheets: Colorado State University; Forest Service

    White Grub May/June Beetle (Scarabaeidae)

    Scientific Name: Phyllophaga sp.

    may/june beetle

    may/june beetle

    may/june beetle

    Photo(s): Ryan Davis, Utah State University

    Type: Vegetable pest

    Situation: Porch Light

    County: Cache

    Fact Sheets: Utah State University Extension; University of Minnesota

    Flea (Pulicidae)

    Scientific Name: Ctenocephalides sp.




    Photo(s): Joseph Berger,; Pest and Disease Image Library,

    Type: Human pest

    Situation: Found on person

    County: Salt Lake

    Fact Sheets: University of Maine; Ohio State University

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