Notification Policy - School IPM - USU Extension

    Notification Policy

    Describe where, how and when students, parents and staff will be notified prior to the application of pesticides by either a contracted PMP or in-house personnel. This Facility takes the responsibility to notify the school staff, students, and parents of upcoming pesticide treatments. Use of exempt pesticides will not require prior notification (see pesticide use procedures section). Notification will occur in accordance with local/state laws.

    • All parents and staff will be notified of a pesticide application at least two school days prior to any pesticide applications in buildings or on grounds, with the exception of exempt and emergency applications. Parents should be notified each time a non-exempt pesticide is applied.
    • Applications exempt from prior notification are: antimicrobial agents, insecticide and rodenticide baits; container-delivery systems (e.g. targeted aerosol spraying of a wasp nest); emergency situations.
    • In situations where pesticides must be applied on an emergency basis and are not an antimicrobial agent, insecticide or rodenticide bait, or a container-delivery system, notification to parents and school staff will occur within two school days following the application.
    • Contractors: School management will provide written notification to all current pest control, construction and landscape contractors of the need to adhere to the IPM policy in any pest control, planning, new construction, repair or maintenance work done. Any pest control contractors hired will be required to inspect for pest-conducive conditions, monitor for pests, and develop appropriate prevention measures and IPM practices, not simply apply pesticides. Pest control contractors will be expected to provide recommendations for structural improvements or repairs, and housekeeping and sanitation measures required to reduce or prevent recurrence of pest problems.


    Signs will be posted on facility doors and near the site of planned applications at least three business days in advance of pesticide use, and at the time of application. These signs will include:

    • Name of the pesticide used.
    • Date and time of application.
    • Warning or cautionary statements from product label (including restrictions on entering the treated areas or special cautions for certain individuals).
    • Information about availability of product labels, MSDS and inert ingredients lists at the facility office.
    • Contact phone number for those seeking additional information.

    Outdoor applications

    Will be corded-off and flagged. Signs shall remain in place for one week after pesticide application, or a longer period of time if specified by the pesticide label.