Creating an IPM Plan

IPM Policies and Plans

Health Department Administrative Code R392-200-7(12)

Every public, private and charter school (K-12 and attached preschools) in Utah must have a written Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy and plan that is followed by the district or school, and that is available for inspection upon request by a Local Health Official (LHO). This requirement is part of the amended Utah Administrative Code R392-200-7(12), Pest Management, otherwise known as the "School Rule."

Links to model IPM policies and plans can be found below. The "USU Model IPM Policy & Plan" below is a comprehensive plan that incorporates much of the information within the colored tiles below. The plan adheres to Utah Administrative Rule R392-200-7(12). The other model plans and guides can be used to create an ideal plan for your school or district. 

Getting Started

Guide to Creating an IPM Policy & Plan

(Guides you, step-by-step, through developing an IPM policy and plan.)

Checklist for Setting Up Your IPM Plan

IPM Policy and Plan Template

This document is a template for your IPM policy and plan. It contains an outline of what is required to comply with the School Rule. The text is formatted in 3 ways: bold, non-bold black, and blue.

  • Bold: Bold sections of text in this document are taken directly from R392-200 and must be addressed in the final IPM plan.
  • Non-bold black: Paragraphs in regular non-bold text provide suggestions on how to best accomplish the bolded, mandatory sections of the plan. These paragraphs can be altered or eliminated from the district’s final plan; however, successful IPM programs typically contain all suggestions given in this plan.
  • Blue: Blue text is intended to give guidance on what should be contained in a particular section and can be deleted from the final plan.

Model School IPM Policies and Plans for Utah Schools

USU Model School IPM Policy & Plan

Canyons School District IPM Policy & Plan

EPA School IPM Policy & Plan 

National Generic IPM Policy & Plan

Salt Lake City School District IPM Policy & Plan

Weber School District IPM Policy & Plan

Model School IPM Policies and Plans from Other States


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