IPM Forms

IPM Recordkeeping Forms

Pest Monitoring Log

In order to have a proper IPM program, you need to monitor for pests. Below is a form to use when placing and inspecting monitors.

Pest Sighting Log

Place pest sighting forms in high-use areas like staff lounges, business offices, and kitchens. Check the pest sighting log often and take action against pests as needed.

Pesticide Use Form

If ANY pesticides are used on school district property, certain information about the applicator, location, and pesticide must be recorded. The pesticide use form below follows the data sheet created by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

Pesticide Application Notification Form

If a non-emergency pesticide application is going to be made on school district property, excluding a few exceptions, a notification must be posted. Below is a sample pesticide use notification form from the IPM Institute of North America.

Please look for additional forms in the future. To access forms for assessing your IPM program or pest-specific monitoring logs, click here.