Pesticides Listed By Generic and Brand Names

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Generic pesticide names have been used in this bulletin. The following list provides at least some of the trade or brand names that the product may bear. Be sure to check the active ingredients because some products have retained their trade name, but changed the ingredients. The product formulation you buy and use must be properly labeled for the crop you treat.

B = bactericide, F = fungicide, I = insecticide, and M = miticide

Ortho Flower, Fruit and Veg. (variety of chemical families; caution label) I

AZA-Direct, Bioneem, Azatin, Align (botanical; caution label) I

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt):
Dipel, Thuricide, Worm Ender, Caterpillar Killer; all kill caterpillar insects by acting as a stomach poison; good coverage of foliage is required to be effective (biological; caution label) I

Ortho Max Lawn and Garden Insect Killer (of the fruit crops, only registered on pear and caneberry) I

Bordeaux mixture:
Mixture of hydrated lime, copper sulfate, and water (inorganic; caution label) F

High Yield Captan, Gordons Fruit Tree Spray Bonide Complete Fruit Tree Spray (chlorinated dicarboximide; danger label) F

Sevin, Bonide Tree Fruit Spray (carbamate; caution or warning label) I

Fertilome Landscape and Garden, Daconil/Ortho Max Garden Disease Control, Bonide Fungonil; do not use after shuck split F

Codling moth virus:
CydX, Virusoft, Carpovirusine - purchase online (biological; caution label) I

Lilly Miller Kop-R-Spray, Liqui-Cop (inorganic derivatives; caution label) F

Entomopathogenic fungus:
Botanigard, Naturalis (Beauveria bassiana); living micro-organism (biological; caution label) I

Entomopathogenic nematodes:
Scanmask (Steinernema carpocapsae), Cruiser (Heterorhabditis bacteriophora); living microorganisms (biological; caution label) I

Spectracide, all fruit trees; wait 21 days after last spray to harvest apple, pear; wait 14 days for all others (pyrethroid; caution label) I

Horticultural mineral oil:
SunSpray, Ultrafine, Orchex, Bonide All Season Spray Oil, Ortho Volck, High Yield Dormant Spray, Fertilome Scalecide (“horticultural oil” and “dormant oil” are both petroleum oil; use higher rate for dormant timing, lower rate for in-season sprays) (petroleum oil; caution label) I, M

Bayer Advanced Garden Tree and Shrub Insect Control (apple and pear only), Bayer Advanced Fruit, Citrus, and Vegetable Insect Control, Ortho Max Tree and Shrub Insect Control, Bonide Systemic Insect Spray (neonicotinoid; caution label) I

Insecticidal soap:
Safer Insecticidal Soap, Ortho Ecosense, Natural Guard Insecticide Soap, M-Pede; harmless to humans, but capable of burning plant foliage; requires full coverage to be effective and should be applied when temperatures are < 80°F (salts of fatty acids; caution label) I, M

Kaolin clay:
Surround (inorganic; caution label) F, I, M

Ortho Max Malathion, High Yield Malathion, Malathion (organophosphate; caution label) I

Neem oil:
Garden Safe Fungicide, Green Light Neem, Fertilome Triple Action Plus (botanical, clarified hydrophobic neem oil; caution label) F, I, M

Ortho Basic Solutions, Green Light Conquest, Bonide Borer-Miner Killer, Bonide Eight - not on apples after petal fall, not on cherries (pyrethroid; caution label) I

Phosphoric Acid:
Monterey Agri-fos (mono- and d-potassium salts of phosphorous acid)

Potassium bicarbonate:
Eco-Mate Armicarb “O” (inorganic; caution label) F

Fertilome, Liquid Systemic Fungicide - not on apple (caution or warning label) F

Pyrellin, Bug Buster-O, Green Light Fruit Tree Spray, Spectracide Garden Insect Killer (botanical; caution label) I

Pyganic (botanical; caution label) I

Bonide Captain Jack, Monterey Garden Insect Spray, GF-120 NF for western cherry fruit fly, apple maggot, and walnut husk fly;  products include bait + low rate of insecticide (biological; caution label) I

Sticky Adhesive:
Tangletrap, Tanglefoot (oil-based adhesive) I, M

Fertilome Fire Blight Spray, Plantomycin (antibiotic; caution label) B

Sulfur/Lime Sulfur:
Lily Miller Polysul, Bonide-lime Sulfur, Elemental Sulfur, Wettable Sulfur, Dusting Sulfur, Lime Sulfur, Elemental sulfur mixed with wetting and emulsifying agents to enhance solution in water (wettable sulfur) or mixed with 1 to 5% clay or talc to improve flow and dusting properties (dusting sulfur) (inorganic; caution label) F, M



Precautionary Statement: Utah State University Extension and its employees are not responsible for the use, misuse, or damage caused by application or misapplication of products or information mentioned in this document. All pesticides are labeled with active ingredients, directions for use, and hazards, and not all are registered for edible crops. “Restricted use” pesticides may only be applied by a licensed applicator. The pesticide applicator is legally responsible for proper use. USU makes no endorsement of the products listed herein.