Turf IPM Advisory

USU Turf IPM Advisories provide quarterly newsletters on timely topics, current insect and disease sightings, and treatment recommendations. 

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This advisory is written and coordinated by:

    Dr. Kelly Kopp
    Extension Water Conservation and Turfgrass Specialist
    Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate 
    Horticulture Extension 
    (435) 757-6650


Winter "Focus on:  Winterkill", Turfgrass Entomology 101, spring management practices


Spring "Spring Billbug Monitoring in Turf", necrotic ring spot, cultural practices for spring, fact sheets


Fall "Billbug: Activity in Turf and a New Insecticide Option;" "New Turf Pest in Utah: Crane Fly;" summer patch; necrotic ring spot; fall cultural practices; fact sheets
Summer "Focus on: Cyanobacteria;" chinch bugs; sod webworm, billbugs; summer cultural practices
Spring "Focus on: Weeds and Weed Control;" voles; pink snow mold; gray snow mold; necrotic ring spot; recommended cultural practices for spring
Winter "Focus on: Winterkill;" pink snow mold; gray snow mold; chinch bugs and sprinkler fact sheets; upcoming spring management practices


Fall "Late Fall Fertilization of Athletic Fields," overseeding lawns, summer patch, necrotic ring spot, fall cultural practices
Summer "dog patch" disease, new fact sheet on sprinkler performance, chinch bugs, summer cultural practices
Spring monitoring for insect turfgrass pests, voles, spring management practices
Winter buffalograss, new USU Extension Fact Sheets, spring management practices


Fall chinch bugs, sod webworm, banks grass mite, summer patch, necrotic ring spot, turfgrass fertilization
Summer "Turfgrass and Tree Competition", rust, necrotic ring spot, sod webworm, white grubs, billbug update (detection and curative control), relevant fact sheets
Spring "Preventive Treatment for Damaging Turf Insects," endophyte enhanced turfgrasses, necrotic ring spot, sod webworm, white grubs, and billbug, cultural practices


Spring snow mold, billbugs, recommended spring cultural practices
Winter detailed article on grubs


Fall necrotic ring spot, anthracnose, white grubs, fertilizers, overseeding, nematodes for pest control
Spring necrotic ring spot, pink and gray snow mold, billbug, sod webworm, recommended cultural practices for spring, focus on earthworms, relevant fact sheets


Fall take-all patch, pink and gray snow mold, fading out, billbugs, white grubs, seasonal recommended cultural practices


Fall necrotic ring spot, pink snow mold, fading out, sod webworm, white grubs, recommended cultural practices for fall