School IPM Workshops Will Help Schools Adapt to New Law

In 2013, the Utah Department of Health amended the pest management section of HR392-200-7(12). The amendment now requires public, private and charter schools, K-12, and attached pre-schools, to practice integrated pest management (IPM).

Utah is the 40th state in the U.S. to enact stiffer laws, rules, or beyond-label requirements for pesticide use in and around schools (NPMA, 2014). The effort is primarily intended to minimize child exposure to pesticides, but the benefits extend to school employees and environmental health.

This fall, the USU School IPM Program is holding 17 workshops in 9 locations to teach about the new rule change, IPM basics, and how to run a successful IPM program. The workshops will train public, private, and charter school personnel, and the Utah Department of Health inspectors who will be enforcing the new law.

Below is a list of workshop locations around the state. County agents interested in participating in their local workshop should contact: ryan.davis@usu.edu.

Workshop Location
School Employees
Dept. of Health Inspectors
Salt Lake City Oct. 20 Oct. 21
Vernal Oct. 28 Oct. 29
Richfield Nov. 3 Nov. 4
Moab Nov. 13 Nov. 14
Spanish Fork Nov. 19 Nov. 20
St. George Dec. 3 Dec. 4
Ogden Dec. 9 Dec. 10
Brigham City Jan. 13
Provo Jan. 15

- Ryan Davis, Arthropod Diagnostician and School IPM Associate