Scentless Seed Bugs new

Scentless Seed Bugs in Homes this Winter

The scentless seed bugs (family Rhopalidae) are most known for the infamous boxelder bugs that commonly invade peoples’ homes in the fall, winter, and spring. This year, a smaller, nameless relative of the boxelder bug in the genus Arhyssus is invading homes in northern Utah. Commonly found feeding on weeds and  plants in dry habitats, this bug is a small (7-8 mm), dull brown to green insect with straw-like mouthparts. It migrates to structures during fall to spend the cold  months in warm shelter. This insect is not of health concern and like boxelder bugs, is only searching for a warm winter retreat. No chemical controls are  recommended. As for boxelder bugs, sealing entry points and vacuuming up bugs inside the home are the primary control methods.

-Ryan Davis, Arthropod Diagnostician