Selecting Seeds with Pest Management in Mind

Selecting Seeds with Pest Management in Mind

Disease information can be found on the back of seed packets.

Now is the time to plan your garden for next year.  Selecting and buying seeds in the winter will ensure you’ll have what you want when it’s time to begin planting.  Integrating pest management tactics into your selection of seeds can save you a lot of trouble and money later in the growing season.

First, select varieties that grow well in your area.  Healthy plants can withstand damage from insects and diseases better.  If possible select seeds from companies that test their seeds in similar environmental conditions as where you’ll grow your plants.  For more information on vegetable varieties that do well in Utah see Home Vegetable Garden:  Variety Recommendations for Utah, a USU Extension publication.

Next, choose varieties that show resistance to the common insects and diseases in your area.  Varieties that are resistant to multiple insects and/or diseases are especially ideal.  This information can be found in seed catalogs, on seed packets, or on-line in the details of the product.  Choose certified seeds from reputable companies to help ensure that the seeds you purchase are disease-free.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with different varieties if the ones you choose this year don’t work as well as you wanted.

-Bonnie Bunn, Vegetable IPM Associate