Two New Apps Benefit Fruit Growers in Utah and the West

Two New Apps Benefit Fruit Growers in Utah and the West

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      Utah TRAPs                     Fruit PestFinder

Both apps are free of ads and available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Fruit producers in Utah now have access to a free weather data and pest management mobile app produced by the Utah Climate Center and the Utah State University Extension Integrated Pest Management Program. Utah TRAPs (Temperature Resource and Alerts for Pests), displays weather information and forecasts pest management recommendations.

The Utah TRAPs app is a mobile version of the same tool that is found on the Utah Climate Center TRAPs website. It is available for both Apple iOS and Android operating systems for free, and requires an internet connection to update.

The app will help Utah fruit growers cut costs by providing essential information to make decisions on frost protection, irrigation, and pest management. Utah TRAPs collects weather data from 20 orchard weather stations plus an additional 35 airport and UDOT locations throughout Utah. Temperature-based models provide management predictions for several fruit pests, including codling moth, peach twig borer, San Jose scale, and fire blight. The app also provides real-time temperature, dew point, wind speed/direction and precipitation data.

Fruit PestFinder is a free reference for insects and diseases on fruit crops in the western US. This handy resource helps to identify over 70 insects and diseases of apple, pear, cherry, peach, nectarine, and plum, with more crop hosts to be added.

The app includes each pest’s biology, symptoms, and detailed management recommendations, including monitoring techniques, non-chemical controls, and conventional and organic products. It also includes 18 of the most common beneficial insects and mites that target western U.S. fruit pests.

The content will be updated regularly including new pest entries. Users can sync their app to the new content manually, whenever an internet connection is available.

The app can search by pest name, keyword, or attribute, including plant part affected or type of problem. For each pest, there are several images of symptoms and the causal agents. The pest or beneficial can be marked as a favorite for easy access, and users can add notes that can be synced between devices (iPhone to iPad, for example).