News Highlights

News Highlights

New IR-4 Pesticide Registrations (Nov 2012 to Feb 2013)

The USDA Interregional-4 Project supported development of tolerances for the following pesticides on specialty crops of interest to Utah. Once crop tolerances are established, product manufacturers can pursue federal registration with the U.S. EPA. Always check product labels for registered sites before using.


  • Fenpyroximate (Fujimite) on cucumber, snap bean, fruiting vegetables, and pome fruit
  • Flonicamid (Beleaf) on low-growing berries, cucumber, and rapeseed
  • Pyriproxyfen (Esteem, Distance, Knack) on herbs, low-growing berries, caneberries, pome fruit, fruiting vegetables, and bulb vegetables
  • Thiacloprid (Calypso) on stone fruits
  • Zeta-cypermethrin (Fury, Mustang) on barley, buckwheat, oat, rye, and pistachio


  • Fluazinam (Omega) on melon, pepper, and eggplant

Utah Pests Says Goodbye to Bee Specialist

Extension Bee Specialist and USU Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey Coordinator, Cory Stanley-Stahr, and her family, have moved to Florida where Cory has accepted a coveted post-doctoral position with University of Florida in the honey bee research and Extension lab. We wish her the best!

Future honey bee inquiries should be directed to your county bee inspector. For contact information and more resources, click here.

Welcome to New CAPS Coordinator

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We welcome Lori Spears to the Utah Pests team as the USU Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) coordinator. Lori grew up in Ogden, UT and completed her B.S. in Anthropology at Weber State University. Lori received her PhD in ecology at USU, where she examined how sagebrush architecture affected spider communities and insect prey abundance. During her spare time Lori enjoys hanging out with friends and family, spending time with her dogs, and volunteering for Four Paws Rescue. She looks forward to working with growers and county extension agents across the state.