Utah Pest News Spring 2011

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IR-4 Pesticide Registration Successes

IR-4 is a national program to assist with the registration of crop protection products on minor or specialty crops.  Product registrations that were completed in the last quarter of 2010 with relevance to Utah crops include:

  • Acramite (bifenazate) – miticide on strawberry and other low-growing berries
  • Oberon (spiromesifen) – insecticide/miticide on dry pea and mint
  • Kanemite (acequinocyl) – miticide on fruiting vegetables, okra, edible podded beans, and hops
  • Moncut (flutolanil) – fungicide on brassica leafy greens and turnip greens
  • Dual Magnum (S-metolachlor) – herbicide on carrot, bulb onion, green onion, brassica leafy greens, turnip greens, melon, and caneberries