Utah Pests News Fall 2008

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Gardening with Good Bugs

For all of you that are involved with the Master Gardening Program or have homeowners asking about insect identification in the garden, I may have a solution for you.  Recently, I published a book for home gardeners about beneficial insects called Gardening with Good Bugs (Silverleaf Press, ISBN 1934393010).  I talk about the basics of IPM for the homeowner and why we should try to incorporate biological control in gardens.  The majority of the 128-page book covers common groups of beneficial insects, including beetles, lacewings, and wasps.  Each section gives a brief review of the life cycle, size, and color description, and host range for common species.  It also has many full-color photographs that supplement the text.  I am often asked if such a book exists as I teach Master Gardener classes around the state.  I hope you find this book useful, and encourage you all to have a few copies in your office as a reference publication.  Books are available for under $12 at amazon.com.  Keep good bugs in your life!

-Erin Hodgson, Extension Entomologist (No longer at USU)