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Becoming a Beekeeper:  Licensing, Utah Laws, and Best Practices

All beekeepers are required to register with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, and follow all laws and regulations.  Registration funds help to retain UDAF county bee inspectors who work to insure that we have healthy hives in Utah.

Application for Beekeeper License

Utah Beekeeping Laws

Utah Honey Rules and Regulations

Honey and the Utah Cottage Food Program

Beekeeping Fundamentals

Best Management Practices

A Yearly Guide for Beekeeping in Northern Utah


If you are unable to solve your beekeeping problem, contact your local beekeepers association or UDAF county bee inspector.

Utah's Beekeeping Clubs and Associations

County Bee Inspectors

Diseases, Pesticides, and Bee Health

Helpful information regarding recognizing problems within the hive.

Preventing Pests and Pathogens in Honey Bee Colonies

American Foulbrood Disease

Diagnosis of Honey Bee Diseases  

Bee Disease and Pest Sample Submissions

Preventing Pesticide Poisonings of Honeybees

Bee Health information from eXtension.org

Additional Resources

Beekeeping: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Honey Bee Suite's Beekeeping Blog

Africanized Honey Bees

Swarm Capture

U of M Extension's Healthy Bee Course