Barley Stripe Mosaic

Utah Pest Fact Sheet

Published by USU Extension and UPPDL

Utah Plant Disease Control No. 42

 Revised April 1998


Barley Stripe Mosaic

Sherman V. Thomson/Extension Plant Pathologist
Scott C. Ockey/Plant Disease Diagnostician

Mulberry affected by phenoxy herbicide.
Barley infected with Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus (BSMV). Plants look chlorotic from a distance due to the yellow striping symptom produced by BSMV.
Barley leaf blade with early symptoms of a BSMV infection.
Later stages of barley infected with BSMV. Yellow spots produced by the viral infection are turning brown.


Wheat, barley, and oats.


Linear yellow spots or stripes appear on the leaves. Later these spots or stripes may turn brown. The stripes resemble those found with barley stripe disease, a fungal disease. Minor problem in most years.

The Vector

Seed and windblown pollen transmitted.


Use virus free seed.


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